As amateurs improve their photography skills and look toward paid jobs, many may regard wedding photography as the holy grail of the semi-professional. Rather than taking many job for a little money here and there, you have the potential to make thousands in a single day. But it doesn’t only require a very talented photographer […]

A while back I wrote a post about different carrying alternatives to the stock camera strap. At the time I had really wanted a Capture clip by Peak Design, but because I had just bought the Yeti by Black Rapid I wanted to give it fair shake before I bought any more toys. Well now […]

Every once in a while I discover a trick that has the potential to dramatically change my photography forever. I happened on one such trick recently and thought it too good not to share with you all. I call this one “Anselfying your photo,” or “boomifying your blues,” depending on whether you work in color […]

Summer is upon us. School is out, the sun is shining, but rather than booking your next vacation you are booking wedding shoots and getting ready for the busiest time of the year for your photo business. You may even be in the market to upgrade your gear. If any of these statements describe you, […]

We’ve all heard the old adage, figure out what you love doing and do it for the rest of your life. And I’m sure many of us have contemplated doing it at one point or another, giving up your day job and pursuing your passion full time. And to many photographers especially, many think the […]

When you take your camera out of the box, turn it on for the first time, and press the shutter button, you are probably leaving most of the heavy lifting to the camera. But as you gain more experience, learn about exposure and composition, and wish for your vision to really make it’s way onto […]

I tried through multiple channels to secure a photopass for the Mumford & Sons concert in Chula Vista last night. Alas, I do not have the clout at this time to warrant a callback from the publicist of Grammy Award winning multi-platinum recording artists at this time. Regardless, it was a good show, even from […]